Mainland Janitorial is a Business from Richmond, BC
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Drop every day chores into the rags and buckets of Mainland Janitorial.We’re ready and waiting to make your space the cleanest it’s ever been!.A clean work space increases productivity and inspires fresh ideas.A clean home offers peace of mind and a welcome place to unwind.To be the best house and office cleaners you will ever invite in.Do you ever come up the office stairs and think "there's more fingerprints on these handrails than the local detachment sees in a year?".Do you dare not move the keyboard in fear of an allergy attack?.When you finally get home, do the bathroom and kitchen gree
Meet your deadlines!.Bring us in to sweep away the mess and we will have you at your best right on time.No job is too big or too small!.Whether new construction or a remodel, no place will look its best until the space has been thoroughly cleaned and detailed. Contractors are almost always in a pinch to meet deadlines. That is why we have a dedicated team that specializes in post construction cleaning.Don't let untrained contractors damage your investment when removing debris.We take care and pay attention.
By hiring only specialized subcontractors who deliver quality service on strict deadl
Mainland Janitorial Services use a wide variety of Commercial cleaning methods, chemicals, and equipment to facilitate and expedite the cleaning process. We are dedicated to meeting and exceeding industry standards.
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